Monday, February 23, 2009

Too grown!!

Okay, I didn't realize how fast girls, especially, grow up. I swear Olivia is already acting like a teenager. I did not know that all the sassiness started so early. After work, we had a staff meeting and discussed alot of the problems that we are having in the new unit. Anyway, I felt sorry for the night shift because they were short handed and I decided to stay over. I finally left around 11:30 and finally got into bed around 1AM this morning. Needless to say, I hadn't seen the girls since Saturday night. When I got up this morning, Olivia was getting ready for school and I told her that she looked really cute in her DOG shirt (Shawn is volunteering today at her school to be a watch DOG - Dads of great students, so he was home too). Her response to me was "don't I look fab-u-lous!". I was SHOCKED! I have a DRAMA queen in my house. I guess I will have to see how Katy is going to be. She already throws a fit if we don't get food in her mouth fast enough. She is ,for sure, a Honda. So who knows if I will get to have two drama queens! Girls are so much fun!!! (I am being serious)

When I get time, I will try to post some more pictures. I have a ton on the camera and I just forget to download them!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birds and the Bees?!?!?

I got this idea from a friend of mine (of writing down what our kids say)!

Olivia was sitting on the couch with me and Shawn last night when she saw on the TV, this girl with a low cut top on (of course, the girls boobs were "hanging out.") Olivia begins to ask me if her boobs are inside of her and I asked her what does she mean. She then asks me again if her boobs on the inside. After me explaining to her that when she gets older is when they will "come out", she says that God puts them on the inside until she is older and then they will come out!! So I tried to tell her that the correct word is breasts. Then she starts talking about when I breastfed Katy. This was so funny! She asks me why I don't have any more milk and I told her it is because I don't feed her like that anymore. Out of nowhere, she says that God just needs to put more milk in them so that I can feed Katy! You just got to love kids!!!

PS-I hope I didn't offend anyone!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Girls Night

I just returned from a movie night with two girlfriends. Amiy is a friend that I met when we both started working in the nursery last year. We immediately hit it off. She is like a breath of fresh air! Well anyway, another girl that we work with wanted to go to the movies. We saw "he's just not that into you." That was hilarious! I could watch that movie again and again! I don't think that I have ever laughed so much at a theater. I was suprised no one around us said anything! But now that I think about it, everyone else was laughing too! We had a great time and want to plan for another of those nights (but have a margarita before)!! :)

Amiy and I carpooled this morning and she dropped me off at Shawn's truck, which was parked in the Benton Wal-Mart parking lot. I kept pushing the unlock button and nothing happened. Finally I decided that it was time to call the big dog, Shawn. He kept asking me if I saw a red light flashing in the dashboard and since I didn't that I should just put the key in the ignition (the reason I was so hesitate is because if the alarm was on and I opened the door without turning it off first, the alarm would go off and it is very loud). Long story short, Shawn had to go back up there after Amiy dropped me off. When he got to his truck, he found that I left the lights on this morning. (Oh I worked today and we went to the movies after work) Thankfully, he didn't need to buy a new battery.

When Amiy brought me home, I showed her my house. During the tour (ha!ha!), I opened the doors to the girls rooms and saw my beautiful brunette daughters sound asleep. I just love watching them sleep. It is so peaceful! Now that is where I am going now - to sleep!

XOXOXO Allyson

Monday, February 9, 2009

Little of this, little of that

Right now, I am listening to Olivia pretend she is a cheerleader while watching High School Musical 2. Until now, I never thought in a million years that I would actually enjoy watching the disney channel. It's not my first choice of viewing but I can definitely tolerate it. Two of my favs are, of course Hannah Montana, then Wizards of Waverly Place. Crazy I know.

Olivia has been getting onto Katy tonight. It has been quite funny! Katy crawls over to the tv and starts banging on it (this one of Shawn's prized toys). Olivia immediately starts telling her NO! then she proceeds with moving her from it! While Katy is grunting (because she wants something and she is getting frustrated), Olivia starts telling her "don't make me come over there." Obviously she has heard that from somewhere!!

Is it awful of me to really (I mean REALLY) enjoy Mondays. Katy goes to mother's day out for just a few hours and Olivia is at school. The time from 9-2 is so peaceful! Katy is a great baby! And Olivia is, well Olivia. She is the kindest, sweetest, and most sensitive child. But she is a little girl! I never realized that the "sassiness" started so young. She dresses like Punky Brewster. For those of you that don't know who this is, then you are just too young! :) This morning she wore a pair of black leggings that were "cropped" with pink shorts over them. Her shoes were hot pink Hannah Montana crocs then she wore white socks folded down. Her shirt was pink and red striped with christmas presents on the front. Her clothing is not a battle that I choose to fight! I love her so much! (and her unique fashion sense)

I am going to work tomorrow. I am having to pick up a few extra shift because Shawn's hours got cut by 8 hours a week. Now, he is off one day each week. I am just so very thankful that he still has a job because there are millions of people that don't. Also I am very grateful that I have the type of job that I do. There will always be a need for nurses and overtime!

Well, Katy and I are finally getting over this sinsus stuff. We both still cough but nothing like last week. Now I need to go to get Olivia ready for bed!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I figured it out! The crown on Daisy's head, I found for Katy's first b-day! I just couldn't resist!


Ok, so I finally decided to sit down and start a blog. I just figured our families would like to see updates on the girls (because I forget to send emails).

This morning Shawn took Olivia to school for a pancake breakfast (for Dads only). I had never heard of this before but alot of the schools here have a Watch Dog program. It stands for Dads of Great Students. The dads volunteer at the school and help the teachers in different ways. Shawn is so worried that one of the teachers will ask him to read a book! He is so silly!

It was so nice being able to sleep in for a little bit this morning. Katy woke up around 7:45AM. But she also decided she wanted a bottle around 3:30 this morning too.

Katy has been sick with the sinus stuff that everyone seems to have and that I have inherited it. I took her to the doctor yesterday and all she said was that it was viral and that she may have a ear infection. This is so FRUSTRATING! I swear, you take a child to the doctor after a day or two of an illness and it's usually a virus. You wait almost a week and it's still a virus! I just never know!

This past Friday night, Olivia performed with the Benton High School Pepsteppers. She was adorable and she did a great job! She was on cue with the big girls. She tried cheer for a few months but it just wasn't her thing and I tried to tell her this but I didn't know what I was talking about! (I didn't realize that the know it all stage started so early!) She has been taking dance and really enjoys it. Except for this past Tuesday. I don't know what was wrong with her but she refused to dance at her class. I think she was tired. Her class is at 3:30 and she gets out of school at 3:10. Needless to say, we rush over there after school and change in the car. Tuesdays are a little hectic!

After she performed, we left. Olivia rode with Shawn because I went scrapbooking. I spent the whole weekend, scrapbooking. It was amazing! Although, right after I left Shawn and Livi, I started feeling a little homesick and lonely. But I had a wonderful time. I went with a friend of mine that I actually met while I was at a crop (for those of you who don't know what this is, it is a group of people scrapbooking).

After a long time, we have a new addition for our family. Her name is Daisy. Olivia had asked for a dog for Christmas and I just ignored it. Well Christmas morning, she woke up and asked Shawn where her puppy was. This made him feel awful! So he set out to find one. I did NOT want a puppy! Puppies are too much work and with a baby crawling all over the floor, it's just not sanitary! Daisy is a 3 year old english bulldog. She is so sweet and absolutely great with kids. Katy crawls all over her and she doesn't even flinch! Needless to say, she is now Olivia's BFF.

Here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago at Mills Park. If I can figure out how to post pictures!

XOXO Allyson