Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birds and the Bees?!?!?

I got this idea from a friend of mine (of writing down what our kids say)!

Olivia was sitting on the couch with me and Shawn last night when she saw on the TV, this girl with a low cut top on (of course, the girls boobs were "hanging out.") Olivia begins to ask me if her boobs are inside of her and I asked her what does she mean. She then asks me again if her boobs on the inside. After me explaining to her that when she gets older is when they will "come out", she says that God puts them on the inside until she is older and then they will come out!! So I tried to tell her that the correct word is breasts. Then she starts talking about when I breastfed Katy. This was so funny! She asks me why I don't have any more milk and I told her it is because I don't feed her like that anymore. Out of nowhere, she says that God just needs to put more milk in them so that I can feed Katy! You just got to love kids!!!

PS-I hope I didn't offend anyone!

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  1. OMG... that is HILARIOUS!!!! That sounds like something Baylee would say!

    Hugs - Tiff